Buttasideup offers free design support to a non-profit organization helping people get their voices heard.

Often by February the new year’s resolutions we all set ourselves tend to waiver just as quickly as they are written but one trait we always felt important at Buttasideup is being able to help others when we can and give something back and so to kick off our altruistic 2020 we reached out to a not – for profit organisation that we believed is making some real difference and offered some help the only way we know-how.

In the new digital age does democracy require a re-think?

With Social media now playing such an integral role in democracy and recent General Elections still fresh in our minds along with the Brexit debate never having really left these platforms since its inception in 2016, does democracy require a re-think in the new digital age?

This is where The Citizens Foundation have developed a new approach. An award-winning non-profit organisation founded in 2008. They have developed open source tools and methods to promote online, democratic debate and to increase citizens’ participation in their community worldwide. 

They say that their main goal is

to help citizens get their voices heard and to encourage participation in governance ’.

Their first platform Your priorities has been used in over 20 countries and it enables citizens to create ideas and debate those eliminating personal arguments or trolling.

Using a system that resembles a university debate, you have 2 sides of an argument, users add points for or against the argument of which can be voted up or down, they cannot however directly comment on a point but only make standalone counterpoints with no direct connection to the initial statement-making trolling almost impossible and eliminating opportunities for a debate to turn in to a personal argument.

CEO and President of The Citizens Foundation Robert Bjarnason was appreciative of our offer and with 2 new logos to design we got to work and provided him with a suite of options to choose from.

At Buttasideup we felt this was an interesting and new approach to looking at online discussions so reached out to see if we could help in providing our services for free and refresh their logo and branding in order to help push their platform.

We thought it important to incorporate and symbolise their underlying concept of debate and discussion as well as their unique voting method.

Final Citizens Foundation logo

We did this by utilising the central Z from Citizens and made this the focal point by using it as a standalone icon made up of two opposing arrows to illustrate the counterpoints of any debate and in turn making the Z a standalone icon such as the F of Facebook or T of Twitter.

We liked that the Z was different in that it was not the starting initial yet hopefully still a strong use of iconography which in time would become just as recognisable as a symbol on its own. 

As Your Priorities was the platform for which The Citizens Foundation ran we felt a link to the two logos was important, so the same font set was used throughout as well as keeping a certain consistency with the Heading and strapline placements and size.

Final Your Priorities Logo

Our thought process led to ways of illustrating ‘discussion’ and ‘debate’ so elements such as speech marks, typing awareness indicators and up / down arrows where all viable options of which to best illustrate their platform.

We were glad that we could donate some of our services to an organization which a trying to make a difference and the team at The Citizens Foundation loved our results.

“We were delighted that Buttasideup offered to carry out a refresh of our logos as a donation. While striving to be sustainable we’re not there yet and frankly would not at this time had the funds to hire a high-end graphics design firm like Buttasideup. While our original logos have served us well over the years it was time for a refresh. We are really happy with the clean modern look of the new logos that will help us boost the brand of our non-profit and connect even more citizens with their governments over the internet.”

Citizens Foundation President & CEO, Robert Bjarnason