BBC what you think of the BBC’s new branding

Top Image by Kijek and Adamski

In thinking back to what may have influenced my passion for design at a young age I do vividly remember the animated idents for BBC Two. Each showing a unique take and visually striking interpretation on animating the number ‘2’

BBC’s association with the Lambie-Nairn branding agency began in 1991 and remained on our screens up until 2001 and later with the resurgence of everything nostalgic some were relaunched on BBC Two for a further four years from 2014.

by FutureDeluxe

But now BBC Two has been rebranded by the BBC’s in-house design team BBC Creative, alongside design consultancy Superunion.

The new designs albeit still carrying a similar thread from their 90’s predecessors are centred around a set of 16 idents all created by 16 different animators which this time around do away with the previous theme of recreating the number “2” in different forms and materials. Instead, the new idents present different interpretations of a curve shape, mimicking the curve of a number “2”.


The new look marks the first major branding change for BBC Two in 20 years, and BBC Two controller, Patrick Holland says “The new channel branding reflects this constantly eclectic and stimulating mix of programming,”

Along with the visuals the audio for the new idents has been composed by sound designer Alex Barnowski, who has focused on using the same two musical notes that “evolve” to “create an atmospheric journey” for each ident, says the BBC.

Along with the BBC Two idents The BBC have also decided to refresh their “youthful” and “impactful” Radio 1 branding in the hope to “entertain and engage” a target audience of 15-29-year-olds, according to the broadcaster.

BBC have called Mother to create a clear brand that matches its “youthful” vibe, and makes an impact in a competitive market, according to the design studio.

The studio has created a new graphic language, (employed the BBC Reith font?) across communications and created a series of illustrations and animations.

Mother has also created a set of brand guidelines for the BBC, which in-house teams can use internally.

Many of the animations centre around the monochrome Radio 1 logo – the number 1 in a circle – which Mother has not changed. They include multiple copies of the logo falling from the top of the screen and concentric circles radiating out from the logo in waves.

The graphic illustrations feature various overlapping geometric shapes such as circles and triangles in bright colours such as green, blue, pink and purple, along with black.

These will be used in various ways, such as becoming backgrounds on posters, online and on social media, as well as on print advertising billboards and branded buses.

Source: Design Week, BBC Radio 1 images courtesy of Mother Design